Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtober: Day 1

I had this grand idea that to kick off getting back into blogging I would participate in Blogtober. Now it's day one and I have no clue what to write about. I mean, I'm sure there is a lot that I could/should blog about, but as I sit here, nothing comes to mind. Perhaps it's because I'm watching The Talk at the same time, that might be why my mind won't focus. I got home from taking my boy to school and thought of something that I needed my laptop for, but once I got sitting at it I couldn't remember what it was that I needed it for. Maybe it's because it's Monday. That's it, it's Monday. Anyway, just thought I would say hi to you all, and we'll see how far this blogtober thing goes. I've never actually made it through the whole month, and we will be away for some of these days so I'm not sure if I'll get every day. But I'll try. Happy blogging everybody. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be better.


Sonya said...

Always glad to hear from you Ange. How about the pros and cons of moving to a new community?
Like how you're just so sad that there's no Sobeys and you can no longer collect Sobeys points...which technically leads to no Christmas dinner for your family. ;) Ha ha!

Tiffany said...

Hi back!

See! Blogging is fun!

Hes said...

Yippee..... Ange is back!! I always resort to lists when I don't know what to blog about. i.e. 10 things I did today, 10 things I love/hate etc. Works for me.

Stephanie said...

Yay Ange! welcome back, looking forward to "hearing" from you every day in October!