Tuesday, October 9, 2012

latest project

I've been wanting to post some pictures on here, but the thing is, I'm too lazy to upload the pictures onto my computer. It's not hard to do, but for some reason I just don't like doing it. If I wait long enough maybe Jeff will take care of that for me. I want to post some pictures of our latest project. I say "our" as if I'm somehow actually involved in this project. Jeff is building a garden shed this week so we can store all our junk for the winter. His dad was here helping yesterday and is here again today, and Heather was here yesterday helping us too. So thankful for all the help! Heather and I moved a tree that was in the way and planted another one, so I guess I might be involved in it after all. :)

Anyway, so once I get around to actually uploading the pictures, I'll post them on here. Exciting times in Winkler, eh?

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