Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little annoyed!

I know I still have a week to go until my "due date", but I'm getting quite annoyed that I haven't gone into labour yet.

See, the problem is, I'm never exactly sure of when my "due date" is. It could have been as early as last Sunday, but my ultrasound says April 2. So, I've been going by April 2. But the part of me that hopes it was March 22 has been waiting ever since. I would love to have this baby in March, but who am I kidding? I never have my babies early. Maybe by Easter.

Here's hoping those wonderful labour pains will start soon! Maybe even today?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's not forget Aaron!

Aaron was also at the Grand Prix. He did not have a car to race, but I must say he was a really good boy. He sat most of the time and ate his cookie. Good boy Aaron!

AWANA Grand Prix

This past Saturday, our church held it's annual AWANA Grand Prix. If you are unsure what AWANA is, it's a club for kids. They meet every Friday night over the fall and winter months and they have game time(sports), handbook time (learning verses and doing workbooks) and council time (singing and listening to a message). The kids really enjoy it.

My husband Jeff is the games director for the club, and so this year he and Jamin built cars to race in the Grand Prix. They start off with a block of wood, wheels and axels and from there they turn them into cars! It's really neat to see all the different cars people come up with. They all start off with the same block of wood, but in the end each one is very different from the next.

They had a really great time! And to top off the day, Jeff won 1st place, Jamin won 2nd place and Shelby got a 4th place finish for design! Way to go everyone!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The belly

Photo courtesy of Jamin Vust

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom Brain

The last post reminded me of something else I was going to write about.

Has anybody out there ever experienced what some call "mom brain"? Well, that's been happening to me a bit these days. I'm losing my mind. When we got into our car accident, I had to call MPI to report the claim. The woman on the other end of the phone asked me some questions, to most they would be fairly easy to answer. I got stumped on this particular one:

Woman on the phone: What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?

Me: Ummm.... (a long pause) it's a 98'...... (pause again) it's a van, I can't seem to remember (more pausing, in the mean time I'm thinking won't the lady help me out? I gave her my license plate number and I figured she had the info up on her computer, but no, she remained silent)

I knew it was like a Caravan, but that wasn't right. I almost thought I would have to phone her back after I went to check it out. Finally, after what seemed like forever, it came to me.

Me: It's a Plymouth Grand Voyager

Finally. I haven't felt quite so stupid in a long time. She then proceeded to tell me that my van was dark blue in color. She knew the color, but wouldn't tell me what make and model it was? If she would have asked me what color the vehicle was, I could have answered that no problem! (I know, she was probably verifying that I indeed was the owner or something like that)

That wasn't a very good day for me to begin with, so I'm sure it played into my memory loss. I'm just hoping it will come back someday!

Gettin' ready

I think I'm ready. The crib is set up, the laundry has been washed, we even have a dresser that Jeff fixed up and painted and the clothes are in it. I have bought all the things I needed to buy. The boys are fairly successfuly sharing a bedroom. Aaron has been in a "big-boy" bed for almost 2 weeks now. Well, it's sort of a "big-boy" bed. It has rails all along the one side, so it's more like a bigger, shorter crib that he can climb out of. We now just need to install the carseat, but that Jeff can do when the time comes. Now all I need is a baby.

Somebody please tell me if I'm forgetting something. I tend to forget a lot of things these days.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yet another van update

I really do not like the stress of shopping for vehicles, especially when you don't have a lot of time to find one. That being said, we did find a new(er) van this past Saturday. I'm not sure yet if I like it, but it will do. It will have to do. (since we bought it and all) It's silver in color and I don't have any pictures yet but I will post some when I take some. The old one has been turned in to MPI. That was a super sad moment for me. I'm way too emotional, I know. Anyway, that's the latest with the van.