Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blogtober Day 10

10 days in a row! Not bad for me, especially this year!

Last night I went to the city to spend some time with Heather. Of course it went by way too fast, time always flies when you are having fun. We went for supper and did a bit of shopping and then went for coffee/dessert at a little coffee house. I had this Italian soda that tasted like slightly flavored club soda. I have no idea what Italian soda is supposed to taste like, but this stuff didn't taste like much. It was fun anyway and we stayed until the music stopped playing so we knew it was closing time. I got home kinda late, but it was worth it.

On the way home I ran over what appeared to be a skunk. It was dark and all of a sudden there was something that was black and white just laying in the middle of my lane of the two lane highway. I didn't have much time to react, so I just kept going. I heard the thunk thunk thunk and knew I had hit him. I felt pretty bad. I hope he was killed and wasn't laying there suffering. Every time I drive down these two lane highways I worry I'm going to hit something. I almost hit a deer one day driving from Southport to Oakville. I hit the brakes (thankfully nobody was behind me) and barely missed it.

So that's my excitement for this week so far! Until next time.....

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