Thursday, October 11, 2012

My boys Jamin and Aaron share a bedroom. We had started them out in the basement when we first moved here, but it wasn't long and I moved them back upstairs. One night I happened to get up to use the bathroom and when I opened my bedroom door I could hear one of the boys crying down in their room. I couldn't hear them when the door was closed, so after that I decided they needed to come up. Their room upstairs has been a bit cluttered, there were a couple of shelves, a can of paint and a large picture frame that were helping with the clutter. Today I finally got it organized, moved out the stuff that didn't belong and even unpacked a couple of boxes. Yep, still have stuff to unpack. Now I just need to move some of this stuff out of my hallway. Out of one room and into the hallway. Maybe I'll get this place organized yet!

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