Friday, October 31, 2008

The Concert

Tuesday night, Jeff and I went to the Celine Dion concert in Winnipeg. Let me just tell you that it was absolutely FABULOUS! You know how some people don't sound so good live as they do on their CD? Well, she's definately not one of those. She sounded every bit as good at the concert as she does on any CD I own. I have never heard anything quite like it. Probably the best concert I've ever been to, even though we sat in the very last row of the place. We could still see everything just fine.

She had this guy, Gordy Brown (i think), open for her. He's a headliner at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, doing impersonations and stuff. He too was very good.

And thanks to Jeff for being such a good sport about coming with me. Let's just say it wasn't his kind of music. So thanks again!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A list of things that probably won't interest you much...

I have to apologize to anyone who has been waiting patiently (or not so patiently)for me to write something new. I don't have any great news to write about so I'll just let you in on a few things:

1. I'm having a baby, not today, but sometime

2. I've been debating on whether or not to pay for an ultrasound in which I can find out the sex of my baby. You see, I really want to know the sex, but they won't tell you in Portage and I'm unable to go to the one place in Winnipeg that will tell you. So, if I want to know, I have to pay. That being said, I made my appointment yesterday. Whether or not I will keep this appointment is yet to be determined.

3. Keeping with the "I'm pregnant" theme, the thing I dislike about getting pregnant is knowing that I WILL gain weight. And, as my clothes are quickly getting tighter and tighter, I've resorted to getting out the maternity pants. Have I ever told you how much I hate maternity pants. As comfortable as they are when they stay up, they don't stay up. And, no belt loops. Try getting a belt for an expanding belly. I also just hate gaining weight. I know you're supposed to when you are pregnant, but I don't like it just the same.

4. My boys are loud. Either that or my house is small. I love them to pieces anyway.

5. I finally hung the pictures of my boys that were taken last year around this time. They look fantastic. I don't know what took me so long. I think it was the lack of picture frames, but thanks to Dollarama I have 3 picture frames for $3.00. How great is that? And they were just what I wanted, believe it or not.

6. My bathroom still isn't finished. Although, it's looking pretty good. At least I have a bathtub with a working shower, a toilet and a working sink. Life is pretty good. Thanks Jeff (and my dad, and Jeff's dad)

7. On Tuesday I'm going to a Celine Dion concert. I've had these tickets for a year, maybe more. So, the day is finally near. It's going to be awesome!

8. I haven't started my Christmas shopping. Well, not really. I ordered something online, but that's it. I love Christmas, and I wanted to get my shopping done early. I guess I should get on that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A poem

I have something exciting to tell you.

Will it be pink or will it be blue.

I don't know either because they won't tell me. (sorry, that's where the poem ends)

I am very happy to announce that we are going to have another baby, sometime at the end of March. As Jamin would say, the baby is going to pop out of my tummy. So that's my news!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Daddy's little helper

Still some work left to do but we're definately making progress. I hope to show you pictures of a finished bathroom soon!