Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010's 100 Things (Part 1)

1. This past year our son Ethan joined our family and what a joy he has been.

2. He's really cute.

3. And he's crawling.

4. I have 2 red Kitchenaid frying pans that I love, 1 big, 1 small.

5. We finished a pretty big renovation project this fall.

6. There's always more to do though.

7. My son Jamin started Kindergarten this past fall.

8. He also turned 5 this November.

9. I'll be signing Aaron up for Nursery School. He'll start in the fall.

10. He's going to be 3 in May.

11. Maybe I should potty train him?

12. I hate potty training.

13. I love buttertarts

14. I miss sleep.

15. I got a wrestling DVD set for Christmas.

16. I don't really follow wrestling anymore but I used to.

17. It's about Macho Man Randy Savage. He's my all-time favorite, oh yeah!!!

18. I don't like Sprite, or any other lemon-lime soda, unless it's in punch.

19. My mom bakes the best bread.

20. I learned growing up that hampsters don't live long if you don't give them water to drink.

21. I got my pinky finger squished in a change room door in SAAN in Brandon when I was younger. I needed stitches and still have the scar and an odd looking pinky to prove it.

22. I've never worn glasses.

23. I go to bed cold almost every night. It's winter.

24. Jeff will ask me why I'm cold in the summer and I tell him it's because it's winter. Just seems like a good answer to me.

25. I tried lobster once, don't need to again.

26. I want my kids to go to my parents house for supper one night when they are having liver. I won't cook it cause it's awful, but I want them to have to try it. Is that mean?

27. I'm super sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily.

28. I wish I wasn't so sensitive.

29. I also worry alot.

30. I have extremely dry hands in the winter. It's now working it's way up my arm, well mostly around my wrist, but still, it's going up.

31. I'm driving a different van than last year.

32. It's silver.

33. I'm super excited about the Winter Olympics. Can't wait till Feb. 12!!!

33. I don't like car/van shopping. It's too stressful.

34. I don't like pancakes.

35. I like french toast.

36. I need to buy new socks.

37. I've been to Disney World.

38. I want to take my kids there someday.

39. I hope they like rides, cause I love em.

40. When we were in Florida, we saw an armadillo in the parking lot.

41. I may have been a little too excited about that.

42. I wear mittens, not too crazy about gloves.

43. Apparently I missed one last year so I'll add it now. I have a super fabulous sister-in-law! There you go Hes, it's on this years list! :)

44. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Wonder if he'll remember to take me to Vegas.

45. I help out at Awana in our church.

46. I'd pick going to the doctor over going to the dentist.

47. I have green eyes.

48. I love going out for lunch.

49. I just finished pulling Aaron off of Ethan. He was laying on top of him.

50. I'm looking forward to this summer.