Friday, October 15, 2010

the school playground

I wasn't sure what to blog about tonight, then I was reading Tiffany's blog post about strangers in the yard and it reminded me of something that Jamin told me today. I went to pick him up at school this afternoon and the kids were all playing on the playground equipment. He came up to me and showed me a Loonie he had in his pocket. He told me someone gave it to him at first recess and when I asked him who he said he didn't know. Then he ran off to play. And I figured it was no big deal, and as it turned out he said a girl (kid) gave it to him. But while he ran off to play all I could think about was maybe some stranger was lurking around the playground trying to get kids to come with him by giving them money or something. I'm just thankful it was nothing like that, but it's hard not being there all the time to protect him. I know I can't be there every minute, and a school playground "should" be a safe place when there are teachers on duty watching them, but it's not easy not being there. Being a parent is not easy, and having to let your kids do things on there own and become more independent is really not easy.

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