Monday, October 11, 2010

I am Very Thankful for Book.........

Jamin brought home a little book they made in school about things he is thankful for. I was reading it earlier tonight and thought I would share it with you.

I am very thankful for the zoo.
I am very thankful for chickens.
I am very thankful for God.
I am very thankful for food.
I am very thankful for health.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Sonya said...


For nursery board Dillon had to put a bunch of things on a "feather" which will become a part of a big turkey on the bulletin board. His list was: iced tea, little brother Reid, napkins, Grandma and Grandpa, toys and food. I think he just started listing this on the kitchen table! He wanted to put wax paper on the list, but I suggested maybe a family member instead. Not sure if he totally gets the thankful thing just yet. Keep the book! It'll be great to look back on. I still have a book from Kindergarden that we put together. Recipes - off the tops of our heads - rather hilarious. :) Maybe I'll have to dig it up and share a few on the recipe blog - lol.