Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is good

The past 8 days have been exhausting. Or maybe I should say the past 8 nights have been exhausting. Life with a newborn is definately not easy, but everytime I hold that sweet little boy of mine, I know it is so worth it all. I have been given such a gift, 3 healthy, happy boys. Aaron absolutely loves his little brother. He's always giving him kisses and climbing up to see him, whether he's in my lap or in his crib. Jamin pretty much does his own thing, but when asked if someone else can take Ethan home, his reply is always no. So at least I know he doesn't want to give him back! I am very thankful for my family. And even though we will have some (probably many) difficult days I know how blessed I am and that life is good.


Tiffany said...

I'm the fastest commentor ever!

Great pictures - and the exhaustion will end in a couple/few (hopefully couple) months, hang in there!

You do have three very beautiful little boys there.

Ange said...

You are fast! I hope the exhaustion will end! They will one day be teenagers and I won't be able to get them out of bed, right?

And, thank you!

Sonya said...

That exhaustive state seems like yesterday to me...
Hang in there...every day should get easier. Right?
Nice pictures!

Q&L said...

cute pics! Yes, praying that the tiredness will end soon. I think he looks similar to Aaron and Jamin...very cute