Monday, April 27, 2009

Camera update

Our camera is definately broken. Jeff couldn't fix it. We had decided we were going to buy ourselves a new camera, but we didn't want to spend a whole lot on one right now. So the plan was to buy a cheaper camera for now and then once we had some money saved up we would buy the nicer, more expensive camera.

On Saturday we were shopping and stopped to look at some cameras. We found one on sale. I'm thinking it was a clearance item. Jeff has used this model of camera before and thought it would be a good one for us. This morning, I packed up my 3 boys and headed off to the store to buy this camera. And what do you know, the only one they had left was the display model and they wouldn't be getting any more in. They said they could sell me the display model. I said I'd think about it and went on my way. I don't want a display model, at least not for a camera. Who knows how often it's been bumped, mishandled or dropped. So, I took my boys and went back home. (it wasn't a complete waste of a trip, I bought some milk)

When I got home I started looking on-line again for other cameras. I couldn't find any great deals on the cheaper cameras, but I did find the one I really wanted and it was on sale!!!! It was marked down by $50 and they had an additional 10% off for 2 days only. I quickly called Jeff and told him about the sale, and we decided that we would take the plunge and just buy it now. My new camera should arrive by May 7th!


Sonya said...

That's exciting!

We've bought our last two cameras off of ebay. We've been happy with them.

Hope you love your new one too!

Can't wait to see some of those pictures!

Q&L said...

Sweet how that worked out! What kind of camera is it?

Ange said...

It's a Canon SX10. I'm thrilled how it worked out. Can't wait to post some pics from my new camera!

I love ebay! (that's not where I got the camera from, but still, I love ebay)

Candice said...

That's fantastic! I just checked out the camera's specs...Looks like it's a beauty. Congrats!

Q&L said...

Checked out the specs, nice! It'll be soo worth it.

Hes... said...

Hardly wait for you to get it. Then we can go picture taking together!!!