Friday, January 9, 2009

The Invisible Woman - Part II

I have amazing friends. Thank you so much for that!

I just want to apologize. I don't want it to sound like I think people don't care. I know people care. I have a lot of really amazing people in my life. I was just having a bad day and that's what came out. But you are all so important to me and I hope you know that.

And thanks for caring. It means so much to me.


Sonya said...

Oh we know you appreciate us. But we all have days like you had and a post from us wouldn't of sounded any different, so don't feel bad!!
Those were the days of rubber band wars, coffee breaks and adult conversation - even if it was about insurance. :)
We need to do coffee more often. Maybe you and Tif and I could go out sometime?

Ange said...

Thanks Sonya. We should definately do coffee more often! We should make a plan for the 3 of us to go out sometime.

I remember the rubber bands:)

leannegiesbrecht said...

rubber band wars! remind me again why i moved so far away?
no worries ange... we all have days like that