Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gettin' ready

I think I'm ready. The crib is set up, the laundry has been washed, we even have a dresser that Jeff fixed up and painted and the clothes are in it. I have bought all the things I needed to buy. The boys are fairly successfuly sharing a bedroom. Aaron has been in a "big-boy" bed for almost 2 weeks now. Well, it's sort of a "big-boy" bed. It has rails all along the one side, so it's more like a bigger, shorter crib that he can climb out of. We now just need to install the carseat, but that Jeff can do when the time comes. Now all I need is a baby.

Somebody please tell me if I'm forgetting something. I tend to forget a lot of things these days.


Sonya said...

Formula! Diapers! Wipes! And some sleep!
You must be getting excited!

Sonya said...

Oh and are your bottles the "older" kind with the so called "bad plastic". Can't remember what it's called. I know I'll have to buy new one next time around.

Candice said...

How about posting a two-in-one pic?

We'd love to see ya! (Especially those of use who don't live in your town.)

Ange said...

I've got the formula, diapers and wipes and I'm working on the sleep! And I did buy some new bottles, my old ones were looking pretty used!

As far as the pic goes, I don't have one. I know, I'm bad. I'll work on that too!