Monday, March 23, 2009

AWANA Grand Prix

This past Saturday, our church held it's annual AWANA Grand Prix. If you are unsure what AWANA is, it's a club for kids. They meet every Friday night over the fall and winter months and they have game time(sports), handbook time (learning verses and doing workbooks) and council time (singing and listening to a message). The kids really enjoy it.

My husband Jeff is the games director for the club, and so this year he and Jamin built cars to race in the Grand Prix. They start off with a block of wood, wheels and axels and from there they turn them into cars! It's really neat to see all the different cars people come up with. They all start off with the same block of wood, but in the end each one is very different from the next.

They had a really great time! And to top off the day, Jeff won 1st place, Jamin won 2nd place and Shelby got a 4th place finish for design! Way to go everyone!

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