Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My morning adventure

This morning I was supposed to have one of my routine pre-natal doctors appointments. The problem is, we never made it to the appointment. I was on my way to dropping my boys off at Jeff's aunt's place, going the same route I always go, when all of a sudden a car came down one of the side streets, ran the stop-sign, and plowed right into my driver's side door. Yep, that's right. We were hit.

The good news is that everyone is okay. I'm just shaken up by the whole thing. The boys didn't really even know what was going on, and they are completely okay. And the driver of the other car appeared to be okay too, although, I didn't ask him. I guess I was wrapped up in my own world at that moment, making sure my kids were okay and thinking about the baby I'm carrying.

I'm so thankful that God was looking out for us this morning. It could have been a lot worse, someone could have been hurt, and nobody was.

I think I'll stay home for the rest of the day.


Q&L said...

Oh my goodness Angela...yes, thankful all of you are ok.

Sonya said...

Accidents are so scary. Glad to here everyone is ok.