Friday, July 18, 2008

A year, summed up

This past year has been pretty busy for us. Just over a year ago my son Aaron was born.

Two weeks after he made his entrance into this world, we decided that sharing a bedroom with our newborn was not something we wanted to do for very long. And since the bedroom that was Jamin's was really small, it didn't seem like a good idea for the two of them to share a room. Thus started our search for a newer, bigger house.

We had looked at a few houses and then I found the house I loved. But before we could do anything about it, someone else bought it. Aside from that, we had to get our house ready to sell. There were some projects that needed to be done before we could put it on the market. So, we spent our summer painting almost every room in the house, fixing up the porch and re-siding the house.

Fall came, and we kept looking for a house. But we just couldn't find the right one. We finally decided to put our house on the market and hope we would find a new one. We looked at a house one evening and we both agreed that it wasn't for us. However, two weeks after looking at this house, we had an offer on our house. So we decided to look at the house again and see what we could do with it to fix it up. We bought it.

I call it my ugly house. But it won't be forever. We have plans.

We spent January living with my parents. Since they live half an hour away from us, Jeff stayed with his parents during the week so it wouldn't be so far to travel to work. We had to move twice. Not fun when it's -30 plus a windchill outside.

Once we got possesion of our house, we started renovating. Again, not fun. Especially when you have two children to watch. Although I must say we had a lot of help with the boys from my mom and Jeff's Aunt Joyce and my mother-in-law. Thank you so much.

I'll show you some before and after pictures so you know what we've been doing.

Living Room (The door still needs to be painted)

Jamin helping his Grandpa's in the kitchen!

Aaron enjoying the new cabinets!


I won't bore you with pictures of every room. The bathroom still looks the same as the picture in a previous blog. No wait, I shouldn't say that. It's getting uglier. Piece by piece our vanity is falling apart. The bathroom is our next big project.

We had a lot of help from family this past year, and like Jeff said, without their help we would still be putting the siding on the old house. So I would just like to say thank you to everyone that helped us out, with the kids, the house(s), moving, with food. Absolutely everyone. Thank you so much. We owe you.


Candice said...

Wow! Your kitchen is *gorgeous*!!!

Congratulations on the house (and the baby too, of course) and we are definitely not bored with the before and after pics, those are great!

Anonymous said...

ange! please do "bore" us with all the photos as you reno the rest of your house. i love seeing reno photos. and the kitchen? i love love love the colors! can i come for a tour when i'm out in august? perhaps after our picinic in the park?

Ange said...

Thanks guys! The kitchen was especially clean in that picture.
I'll keep you posted as we do more reno's. It could be a while though.

Leanne, definately come by after our picnic. I'll give you the grand tour. Keep in mind it's a work in progress. Especially the bathroom. Did I mention how ugly it is?

Lily said...

LOVE the kitchen! Looking good!

My Everday Chaos... said...

Great post Ange. I think your kitchen is amazing!! Did you pick your colors and cabinets yourself or did you have someone help you? Hmmm...thinking I might like that green in my bathroom (if it ever gets done). I would love to see your house too! Can't wait for our picnic in the park either!