Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This past weekend Jamin went camping with his Grandma Vust and cousins Keegan and Shelby. He loves the pool!

And this year he actually jumps in, with someone there to catch him.

I went to see him twice while he was camping. One night we had "girls night". He loves "girls night".

Here he is with his Auntie Heather. Or should I say "favorite auntie", as that is what Heather refers to herself as. I'm sure there are some other aunties who might like to argue that. I'll leave it up to them to fight it out.


My Everday Chaos... said...

Jamin is getting so big!! Love the blog - keep the posts coming!

Ange said...

He is getting big! In a couple of months he goes to nursery school. Sob. I'm gonna have a hard time letting go when he goes to the "big" school. Sob again.

L.A.Z. said...

I'm happy ur blogging Ange...keep 'em coming