Thursday, June 12, 2008

That hurts

My son Jamin learned a hard lesson this morning. I had already made him his breakfast, which consisted of a bowl of oatmeal, when he decided he wanted an egg too. So, I made him an egg. I moved the pan off the element when I was finished and proceeded to go and cut up his egg for him. He hopped off his chair and before I could say or do anything, he reached up and put his hand on the still hot element.

As I was tending to his burned hand in the bathroom, he told me that he just wanted to see if the element was still hot. Maybe that's not the best way to find out. He did tell me afterwards that he wouldn't do it again. I felt really bad for him and I hate that they find out things this way. I guess it's part of growing up. I remember as a child touching a hot iron. Not a pleasant feeling.

He's doing much better now. He says it doesn't hurt anymore so I'm thankful for that. As a mother you really don't ever want to see your child hurting. We can only do so much to protect them though.

So for Jamin today, lesson learned.


My Everday Chaos... said...

Ouch! How bad was the burn? Hopefully it won't blister. I remember cleaning out the dishwasher when I still lived at home. There was a huge knife in there, which my parents used for butchering. It didn't look sharp, at all. So I drew it across the palm of my hand - not the brightest thing to do. Apparently it wasn't as dull as it looked!

Ange said...

That would really hurt too! His hand blistered in a few spots but he's not complaining that it hurts anymore, so I think he's on the mend.

Tiffany said...

More please.

Tiffany said...

Seriously, you can't just blog two times and then quit on us! You're on my list!

Ange said...

Sorry, it's been a busy week. Getting ready and having a garage sale. Exhausting. maybe I'll write about it. Maybe.