Saturday, October 1, 2011

Warning: reading is bad for your housework

So it turns out I enjoy reading. I used to read, a long time ago. It's not that I don't know how to read, I just find that watching the movie is faster.

Tiffany suggested a series of books. Said they were nice and fluffy and easy to read. We were at the literacy program at the library on Wednesday and she went and found the first book and forced me to sign it out. Okay, maybe she didn't force me. I took the book home and started reading. I read just over half the book that day. Thursday I finished the book. Even bought something nice and easy to make for supper so I wouldn't have to tear myself away from my book for too long. Friday I returned the book and signed out the next two in the series.

It must be my old age. That's all I can figure.

Problem with reading is that not much gets done when you're into a good book. Who wants to clean the bathroom anyway?

So if you don't read, I recommend it.


Sonya said...

This is totally true! But isn't housework entirely over rated?

Ange said...

It is, it really is.

Q&L said...

its hard to find time to read, i find. I have one book on the go and then we have to weekly read a chapter of a book our small group is doing, its a lot of reading!! Right now I'm reading Grace Based Parenting, its convicting and i recommend it. :)
I'll blog about it sometime...when i have the time, lol