Sunday, August 7, 2011

money, money, money

Aaron: Who's money is that? (there was some change on the counter)

Me: It's mine.

Aaron: When I look at money, I want it, and I'm lookin' at it.

Oh that boy makes me laugh sometimes. He loves money and he's always finding it. We spent a few days in Fargo in July, and while we were at Target I took the boys to the bathroom. All of a sudden Aaron is crawling on the bathroom floor (gross.... I know). I told him to get up off the floor, but he said he had found money. Sure enough, 75 cents later, he got up off the floor.


Tracy said...

i agree when i look at money i want it too. smart boy

Q&L said...

haha, ugh, they don't realize how gross those bathroom floors are! Is he a saver then or does he wanna spend it when he finds it? :)

Ange said...

He just likes to have it, carry it around with him for a while and sometimes puts it in his piggy bank. I put the 75 cents in his piggy bank when we got home. He hasn't really figured out the shopping thing yet, but I'm sure he will in no time. :)

Tiffany said...

Whose money, whose money!!!!