Sunday, February 20, 2011

100 things about me, Part 2

1. I have freakishly small wrists
2. I became a great auntie when I was 23
3. I would love a blizzard right now (from dairy queen, not another snowstorm)
4. I remember when I was a kid and going to Jackson's lake with my dad looking for turtles. I seriously thought I was going to come home with a pet turtle. We didn't find any.
5. I was going to put the turtle in the kiddie pool
6. I think fish are creepy
7. so are clowns
8. I love drinking out of my wine goblets. I don't drink wine, but love the glasses.
9. I love the shows Cake Boss, Auction Hunters and Auction Kings
10. Maybe we shouldn't have upgraded our TV package, don't tell Jeff I said that, he might change it back
11. I hate being tickled, it's against my rules.
12.I have a change jar
13. I'm afraid of heights
14. I want a Kitchen Aid mixer, they're so pretty
15. I wish I could be on the show "what not to wear"
16. I haven't had my hair cut since July
17. I may love Tupperware a little too much
18. I wish skinny jeans would go out of style, not because they look bad but because whenever I go shopping it's hard to find pants because they sell mostly skinny pants. Not gonna happen!
19. My favorite animals are hippos
20. I would love a walk in closet someday

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Hes said...

Ok, seriously. You've been home from Vegas for 3 whole days and NO blog!? Get some pictures on here.