Thursday, January 6, 2011

I wanna go to school

Jamin came home from school today with a new Canteen lunch menu. I'm thinking that I want to go to school so I can have lunch there. Some of the things on the menu are:

Chicken Parmesan with Butter Noodles $3
Baked Ham w/ cheesy mashed potatoes $3
Broccoli and cheddar soup $1 for small, $1.25 for large
Taco Salad $3
Steak & Pear Salad $3
Roast Pork, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad sandwiches $2.50
Clubhouse wrap, Taco wrap $2.50
Spinach salad with cheese & mushrooms $3
Mini Pizza $3
Perogies w/ sour cream $2.50

There are other things like fruit, cookies, muffins, pudding, veggies & dip, other soups and sandwiches. Anybody remember what was in our canteens when we were in school? I remember hotdog days and chips and bars, and nachos and cheese in high school. Oh, and one time in grade 2 we could order weiners and beans. I did not like them. I still do not like them. I think this is a big improvement. Not that I'm complaining about chips and chocolate and nachos and cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love all those things. But it's nice to see some more options and some healthier options.


Ange said...

I maybe didn't list all the healthier options but everyday they can order veggies, tossed salads, fruit, milk, and soup and sandwiches. Sounds good to me!

Sonya said...

That's an impressive menu for a school. And the prices aren't bad either.

Pamela said...

I wish we had that at our school...I'd buy lunch every day! When I was in my last year of student teaching, the school I was at sold caesar salad every day. It was only $1.00 for a large plate with dressing! (I bought it often during my teaching block!)