Friday, July 2, 2010

school, birthdays and soccer

This past Tuesday Jamin had his last day of school. I remember when school started for the year, I was a little sad to see my baby boy head off to school every morning. Now he's done. And I'm so happy to have him home all day, but part of me is sad that Kindergarten is over. He had fun and had made friends with the other kids and he really liked his teacher. And if I may brag, he did soooo good in school this year. He's learned so much. But in a couple of months he goes to school all day, everyday. Sniff. And then he'll be with me so much less. I know it will be good for him to go, and he's looking forward to taking his lunch to school and having 3 recess breaks. But still, I can be a little sad.

Yesterday was Canada Day, as you all know, but even bigger than that was my dad's 75th birthday! We had a good day visiting out at my parent's place, and the kids had fun playing with their cousins. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you very much!

I have pictures to share with you whenever I get around to it. Jamin finished soccer a week or two ago. I'd like to say he had lots of fun, but I don't think he did. I think he liked the kids and his coaches and everything, but he wasn't that motivated to play the sport. We'll see what next year brings.

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Hes said...

Glad you had a good day with your Dad!! Happy Birthday Mr. Quiring!!!