Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010's 100 Things (Part 1)

1. This past year our son Ethan joined our family and what a joy he has been.

2. He's really cute.

3. And he's crawling.

4. I have 2 red Kitchenaid frying pans that I love, 1 big, 1 small.

5. We finished a pretty big renovation project this fall.

6. There's always more to do though.

7. My son Jamin started Kindergarten this past fall.

8. He also turned 5 this November.

9. I'll be signing Aaron up for Nursery School. He'll start in the fall.

10. He's going to be 3 in May.

11. Maybe I should potty train him?

12. I hate potty training.

13. I love buttertarts

14. I miss sleep.

15. I got a wrestling DVD set for Christmas.

16. I don't really follow wrestling anymore but I used to.

17. It's about Macho Man Randy Savage. He's my all-time favorite, oh yeah!!!

18. I don't like Sprite, or any other lemon-lime soda, unless it's in punch.

19. My mom bakes the best bread.

20. I learned growing up that hampsters don't live long if you don't give them water to drink.

21. I got my pinky finger squished in a change room door in SAAN in Brandon when I was younger. I needed stitches and still have the scar and an odd looking pinky to prove it.

22. I've never worn glasses.

23. I go to bed cold almost every night. It's winter.

24. Jeff will ask me why I'm cold in the summer and I tell him it's because it's winter. Just seems like a good answer to me.

25. I tried lobster once, don't need to again.

26. I want my kids to go to my parents house for supper one night when they are having liver. I won't cook it cause it's awful, but I want them to have to try it. Is that mean?

27. I'm super sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily.

28. I wish I wasn't so sensitive.

29. I also worry alot.

30. I have extremely dry hands in the winter. It's now working it's way up my arm, well mostly around my wrist, but still, it's going up.

31. I'm driving a different van than last year.

32. It's silver.

33. I'm super excited about the Winter Olympics. Can't wait till Feb. 12!!!

33. I don't like car/van shopping. It's too stressful.

34. I don't like pancakes.

35. I like french toast.

36. I need to buy new socks.

37. I've been to Disney World.

38. I want to take my kids there someday.

39. I hope they like rides, cause I love em.

40. When we were in Florida, we saw an armadillo in the parking lot.

41. I may have been a little too excited about that.

42. I wear mittens, not too crazy about gloves.

43. Apparently I missed one last year so I'll add it now. I have a super fabulous sister-in-law! There you go Hes, it's on this years list! :)

44. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Wonder if he'll remember to take me to Vegas.

45. I help out at Awana in our church.

46. I'd pick going to the doctor over going to the dentist.

47. I have green eyes.

48. I love going out for lunch.

49. I just finished pulling Aaron off of Ethan. He was laying on top of him.

50. I'm looking forward to this summer.


Q&L said...

it's been 10 YEARS ALREADY...aggghhh I keep being reminded how old I am lately, its frightening! congrats to you guys tho :)

Tiffany said...

At first I thought you said you love butterfarts. I thought you were kind of gross.


Didn't you always want to go to Hawaii for your 10th?

Sonya said...

Seriously? Randy Savage? He's got nothing over the Hulk!
But can't say I follow wrestling anymore either... :)

leannegiesbrecht said...

#13 - buttertarts for breakfast?
#16 - i totally forgot about that
#30 - i highly recommend the "buffy" from lush (http://www.lush.ca/shop/products/body/body-butters/buffy). go there and get them to do a "demo" for you, you'lll love it. exfoliator and moisturizer all in one! it's my new favorite thing.

Candice said...

I don't like pancakes either!

Tracy said...

Macho man Really? in the time of hulk hogan and the ultimate warrior, even jake the snake or the bushwackers or hackjaw jim duggan. Was it the neon fringe you loved so much? cause i just don't get it

Ange said...

Thanks Lyla!

Hawaii would be wonderful, but I don't think the budget will allow for that one.

Buttertarts for breakfast anyday!

And now to deal with this topic of Macho Man. He was the best. All Hulk Hogan did was talk alot and his big "move" in the ring was lift his big old leg up and knock the other guy down with it. Ultimate Warrior? Do I really need to go there? With Macho Man, yes you got the neon fringe, but back then that was cool. Then you have the music and Miss Elizabeth and his jumping off the top rope and the occasional cheating. He was entertaining. Just my opinion. :)

Sonya said...

Is there a part II coming? ;)