Monday, November 30, 2009

It's not every day you get moments like these. Moments of quietness. And with that, the moment passed. Na, it's still pretty quiet in here, Jamin just walked up behind me and said "boo" and "did I scare you?". I just put the two youngest boys down for a nap. They don't always nap at the same time. In fact, lately Ethan has been having a nice long nap in the morning and early afternoon but by the time I get Aaron to sleep, Ethan is waking up or soon will be. So today, they are napping at the same time. We'll see how long this little break will last. But for the moment, it's mostly quiet.

So I know, I haven't been blogging much lately. In my defense, the last couple of weeks have been busy and if not busy then someone's been sick around here. We've been to Winnipeg to have our pictures taken, then back to Winnipeg for Christmas shopping and to pick up pictures. Then to Austin to spend a Sunday afternoon at a dear friends baby shower (hi Lyla!). What a sweet little boy they have and what a nice afternoon it was. I got to hold a wee little baby!!! And then on Monday we had Jamin's birthday party. Then Tuesday Tiffany had an Avon party. (if you get the chance to go to one, you should, it's nice to see some of the products they have before you order) Tuesday was also the start of our not so fun week at home. To keep a long story short, between fevers, coughing, healthlinks, coughing, fevers coming back, healthlinks again, more coughing, a trip to the doctor, antibiotics, a Christmas party and of course more coughing, I think we're on the mend now. Trust me, you don't want me to bore you with the details of the last sentence.

So hopefully you'll hear more from me in the next little while than you have in the last month or more. I will try.

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