Friday, July 3, 2009

Home renos, again

A couple of months ago we put in an application for a grant to fix up the outside of our home. We got some quotes and took pictures of our house and sent away the application. We were told that if we were approved we would get a phone call. That was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago. If we were rejected, we would just get a letter in the mail. That day came and we didn't hear anything. I was a little disappointed. So yesterday morning Jeff got the mail and lo and behold, our rejection letter arrived, only it wasn't a rejection letter after all, we were approved! (I guess our house really is ugly after all, yay!) Then yesterday afternoon, Jeff put in an application with MB Hydro to help pay for the insulation we want to put on our house. This morning I got a call from the lumber store saying that our application for that had been approved!

We now know how we'll be spending our summer! I'll keep you posted with pics. It's a big job because there is so much to do before the new siding can go on, so this could take a while. Here's the before.


Candice said...

Wow! Congrats on receiving a grant for that! How wonderful.

Hes... said...

Okay, first of all. Yeah, a post!!!

Secondly - So excited for ya. Is the siding the only thing you are doing right now? I know you've talked about taking of the little porch on the back. What have you decided about the deck? (which I think is fabulous.)

Hes... said...

Oh, yeah. And make sure you take lots of pics during the renos. I always like to see the Before - During - After shots.

Ange said...

Thanks ladies!

We are doing the siding, insulation, taking off the porch and we're modifying the deck somewhat. We don't really like the deck so we're going to change it, just make a staircase and a landing. I can't wait. Now I just need to decide on color for the siding. I've narrowed it down to two, prestige beige and sage (which is more grey than green). I'm leaning towards sage myself. I was going to do white but I thought that might be a lot of white, since the windows, soffits, facia will all be white.

This could have been a whole new post!

I will definitely take lots of pics!

Q&L said...

Should look great when all is said and done!

Q&L said...

by the way...Funny quote from The Office :)
Did you see the episode where Jim & Pam send Dwight on a CIA secret operative mission? Then while Dwight is waiting for his 'helicopter' to arrive, he gets a text saying the mission has been compromised and that he should throw his phone away, so he does and flees the hilarious!

Ange said...

no, i didn't see that one, sounds like a good one though. I think that show is hilarious.