Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Today marks the beginning of a busy week. It's almost Christmas! I'm like a big kid this time of year. I get excited about all the gatherings and gettin up Christmas morning with my children and husband and watching them open their presents. I get so excited that I usually have a hard time sleeping the night before, and sleeping in is out of the question. I've always loved Christmas. The food, the presents, the time spent with family, but most of all remembering God's gift to us, His son!

So today I will start my day by taking my children to my husband's aunt's house. This is one of their favorite places to go. (both grandma's and Jordan's house are also among their favorite places to go) Then I will head off to have lunch with a couple of friends. Hi Leanne and Sonya! We used to work together and every time Leanne comes home we meet for lunch. I'm looking forward to seeing them again! After lunch I am heading in to the city with Tiffany, my sister Janice, and my mom. I finally get to have my shopping day out. I've been waiting ever so patiently! And what great company to be in when I do go!

And the way my boys are already fighting this morning, I can't wait for 11:00!

More to come.... just not today!

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