Monday, November 3, 2008

I know you've been waiting so patiently, it's been a busy week

This past week has been pretty busy for me. Well, busy for my world. I usually spend most of my time at home with my kids so for me, this was busy. Here's a brief summary:

Last Monday we celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday. Her birthday was actually Tuesday but due to a concert, we visited with them on Monday.

Tuesday was the concert. My boys went to my mom's place for the night.

Wednesday I went to my mom and dad's to pick up the boys, and then we spent the day there.

Thursday, I spent the afternoon with Tiffany while Jamin and Jordan went to nursery school. Thursday evening, Jeff's aunt, sister and I took my mother-in-law out for supper for her birthday.

Friday was Halloween and Jamin and I went out trick-or-treating.

Saturday we were invited to our friends place for a party. It was a great evening, playing games and eating a tonne of delicious food.

Sunday we went to my in-law's for lunch to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday. It was also my brother-in-law Sheldon's birthday but they couldn't be there. And last but not least, last night we went for supper to celebrate my sister Tracey's 40th birthday.

It was a really great week. I enjoy being busy. I'm just still really full from all the food I've consumed over the past week.

So I just want to say again to everyone I mentioned, Happy Birthday! I hope you had fantastic birthdays!

note: pictures of halloween costumes to come, hopefully today.

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